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Do You Give Fruits & Vegetables To Your Pet?

Solventless Central | Do You Give Fruits & Vegetables To Your Pet? | Pets & Hemp Blog

Tim Clark |

Do you have an overweight pet?  Have you found that your pet strains when they go number two? It is possible that the food you are giving your pet is lacking in fiber.  What if we told you that it is safe to add fruits and vegetables to your furry loved one’s food?  Many superfoods that are great for humans are natural sources of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are also wonderful to give to your pet. Natural sources are a healthier alternative than giving your pet over-the-counter (OTC) fiber supplements. Have you ever stopped to think what actually is inside those packets outside of harmless 'Fiber'? Inside those packets are an array of substances that are not natural and could potentially give your pet adverse side effects. Just because OTC supplements are intended for human consumption does not always make it safe for your pet to take. It is always recommended to speak to your veterinarian when considering giving OTC medications or human supplements to dogs.

You're probably asking yourself which vegetables are actually safe to give your pet. Are all vegetables safe to consume? The answer is no, not all vegetables are safe for pets to eat and the ASPCA has a full list of foods to avoid feeding them. In the table below are some excellent whole ingredient options that can be added to your pet’s diet to help tailor their intake to their specific dietary requirements.

VetsGrade® | Blog Post | Caloric and Fiber Content Graphic

All of the above can be fed raw, frozen, or steamed. Mix it up and see what your pet likes or dislikes. If your pet is on a diet its always recommended to reduce the amount of food you're giving your pet gradually. Vegetables are great to add to their food in this case. It will help keep them fuller for longer, assist in bowel movement regularity, and eliminating the extreme squeezes. You will also have the peace of mind knowing that you are not starving your pet and doing their body good by having natural produce in their diet. Keep in mind that there are still various preservatives and higher than dietarily necessary amounts of sodium in some canned fruits and vegetables making fresh-frozen or fresh prepared the best option nutritionally.  Keep it fun and mix it up, plus don't be afraid to add some full spectrum cbd!